Tree Frog Kit

Green Tree Frogs make a special and unique classroom pet.  While the shouldn’t be handled too often these tree frogs will grow and stay to around 3 inches in length.  With proper care tree frogs can live 5-10 years in captivity.  The live in the wild in the Eastern United States (Delaware to Florida and over to Kentucky and Alabama) living among the trees and staying near permanent bodies of water.

It is key that your tree frog have clean water at all times.
Tree Frog Kit Contains:
  • Enclosure
  • Water Conditioner (to make your tap water clean)
  • Eco Earth
  • Water dish
  • Cave
  • Under tank heater
  • 1 Green Tree Frog
  • 5 crickets (food)
  • Instructions & Lesson Plans
What You’ll Need To Provide:
  • Fresh Water
  • Additional Crickets will be needed to feed your frog



Green Tree Frog Kit (1 frog) – $75.00

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Green Tree Frog Kit (no frogs) – $70.00

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Kits that contain live animals will require a shipping surcharge of $30.