Betta Fish Kit

One of the easiest fish to have in a classroom is a Betta!  With their gorgeous colors and fun personalities this fish is the perfect addition to any classroom!  Younger students will love to look at the fish and feed it.  Older students will enjoy observing it’s interesting features.

Bettas are known for their jewel-bright colors and spectacular fins and come in a wide variety of morphs. They have been referred to as Siamese fighting fish due to the male betta’s extreme aggressiveness toward other bettas.  You can only home 1 betta fish per kit – do not add additional betta fish to your aquarium.

It is key that you feed and maintain your betta aquarium daily.
Betta Fish Kit Contains:
  • Aquarium (2.5 gallon aquarium with LED lights and filter)
  • Water Conditioner (to make your tap water clean)
  • Food Pellets
  • Gravel
  • 1 Male Betta Fish
  • Instructions & Lesson Plans
What You’ll Need To Provide:
  • Fresh Water



Betta Fish Kit – $70.00

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Betta Fish Kit (no fish) – $65.00

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