Welcome to the Classroom Animals Store!!  Start by choosing the level of difficulty you are looking for.

These animals are easy to care for and will require very little day to day care.  You can check in on them each day to make sure they have the basics – food & water.  You will need to clean their enclosures only a few times per year.



These animals require a bit more day to day care.  You will need to check on them every day, feed them every day and check their enclosures for any disturbances.  You may need to clean or modify their enclosure once or twice per year.


These animals require day to day care.  You will need to check on them daily.  While they may not require daily food – you will need to feed them frequently, check to see if their water is clean and make adjustments or clean their enclosure monthly.  These animals may have a complex feeding ritual (usually involving eating other live animals).


Other animal kits are in the works! Looking for a specific animal? Email us at help@youpet-cha.com to see if we can create a kit for you!

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