Where do you get your animals?

Our animals come from local breeders with many years of experience in the pet trade.  We only source our animals from USDA approved breeders and suppliers.  All animals are kept in our facility in Minnesota.  They are only shipped after we have had them in quarantine conditions to approve their health.

Do you guarantee your animals?

Yes we do.  While it’s difficult to guarantee live animals we have a 24 hour guarantee after arrival.  Meaning your animal will arrive alive and live for at least 24 hours.  If for some reason your animals does not make it we do require a photo of the deceased animal.  You should complete a support ticket by logging into your account and click on support.

How does my kit come to me?

Kits are shipped in two installments.  Your first shipment will be all of your physical goods.  You will receive you live animal separately several days later.  Live animals are mailed overnight.  More information can be found here.

Can I return items?

Returns can be costly for a small company.  If an item comes damaged or missing parts please contact us immediately for a return or replacement.  You should complete a support ticket by logging into your account and click on support.

How can I check on my shipping?

Login to your account at any time to see your order status.  Visit the ORDERS page of your account.

Do you ship animals in all weather conditions?

Our animals are packed with either hot or cold packs when needed.  When weather is extreme we may not ship your animals.  You can contact us at any time or check the status of your order in your account.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to public, private and homeschoolers in the continental United States.  We currently do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

I’m not a school – can I still order from you?

Yes and No.  We do not ship live animals to non-educational institutions.  You can order our kits without live animals.  Orders can come from any educational institution including pre-schools, home schools, public, private, charter, and religious schools.  If you’re not sure, contact us.

I’d like a classroom animal that’s not on your list.  Can you help me?

Heck Yeah!  We’d love to design a kit just for your classroom! Send us a message and let us know what animal you want to put in your classroom.  We will work hard to put together a kit just for you!  We’ve designed some great kits from turtles to snakes for classrooms all over the country!

Are these animals legal in my state?

Prior to finalizing your order one of our customer service representatives will confirm that you are allowed to have the animal in your state.  If, for some reason, you are not allowed to have the animal we will contact you to change kits or issue a full refund.  Most animals we sell are available to all states for educational purposes.

I no longer want my animal.  What can I do?

We recommend finding another classroom who does.  It’s easy to let another teacher adopt your animal.  Give them everything they need and our information.  We can provide that teacher with an account and any information they may need.  If you can not find a suitable home for your animal please contact us so that we can help you humanly dispose of your animal.  NEVER RELEASE AN ANIMAL INTO THE WILD. (sorry we had to go all caps on you – but this is extremely important!)

Are there any visuals I can show my students to help set up my aquatic tanks?

We have created a special graphic with help from our friends at Aqueon.  Click here to check it out.