Benefits of Animals in the Classroom

There are many benefits to keeping animals in the classroom.  When students have an animal that they are responsible for it teaches them to care for a living thing! Science comes alive when animals are introduced in the classroom. 

A study of animals also helps students learn about how information is organized in science. What do different classifications tell us? One of the beauties of classification is the logic and discussion it provokes. It helps students appreciate that ideas in science can be tentative and are open to reinterpretation as we gather more information.” “By studying animals, children learn about what animals need and about their role in the environment. Studying animals also can help hone critical skills of inquiry. But perhaps most importantly, animals can help children care—
about themselves, others, and the environment. Students can learn to care for all members of an ecosystem—not just the biggest or most dramatic. And what could be more important to teach in today’s world than the capacity to care?”  – Ohana, C. (2007). Editor’s Note: Animals and the Capacity to Care. Science & Children, p.6.


Pets can also have a valuable influence on children’s behavior.


Read: Responsible Use of Live Animals and Dissection  in the Science Classroom from National Science Teachers Association