Quick Reads

Quick reads are short, non-fiction reading articles that are great for your students to read alone our outloud. Each Quick Read ends with a small activity or set of short questions to answer.




Quick Read: Vertebrates

This is article gives a brief introduction to vertebrates and introduces students to endotherm and exotherm animals.

6-8 Download

Quick Read: Fish

This is a short non-fiction article about fish.  This article also classifies fish into 3 groups: bony, jawless and cartilaginous.

6-8 Download

Leapin’ Lizards

Introduce younger students to squamates and some of scaly lizards and snakes that are part of this group of animals. Then put their exhibit-designing skills to the test. From American Museum of Natural History.

3-6 Download

One Gigantic Mystery

Recently, a giant squid was photographed for the first time. Before that, no one had ever seen a living specimen. See how scientists have gone about studying this elusive creature. From Science World.

6-10 Download