Snail Kit

Freshwater snails can be a very cool and unique pet to have in your classroom.  These aquatic snails are omnivores and scavengers. They often graze at bottom of the tank, eating debris, decaying plants, small dead animals, uneaten fish flake food, and algae wafers.  They will also eat algae off the sides of the tank and the surface of plants. These snails are found in many freshwater aquatic habitats throughout the world, including ponds,
swamps, and rivers.

Fish Kit Contains:
  • 1 Gallon Aquarium
  • Hood (seven watt incandescent lighting)
  • Undergravel Filter
  • Air pump
  • Air Tubing
  • Fish Food Aample
  • Water Conditioner Sample
  • Rocks
  • 5+ snails
  • Live plants
What You’ll Need To Provide:
  • Additional Fish Food (we can supply)
  • Clean Water


Fact Sheet:

Snail Kit – $30.99

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