Live Animals

All live animals are shipped with a flat rate of $30 regardless of how many animals are on your order.  All animals are shipped from our Minnesota warehouse via USPS.  While we guarantee live delivery some animals will not do well in extreme temperatures.  We pack animals with cold packs during the summer and warmers during the winter.

Our boxes are packaged safely and securely by experts who have been shipping reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates for many years.

Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally, which means no country outside the United States of America. We ship to every U.S. state except Alaska & Hawaii. We do not ship to Canada.

There are no deliveries on major U.S. holidays such as New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Wildlife Laws

Each U.S. state has seemingly innumerable wildlife laws, and we do our due diligence in striving to adhere to each and every one. We will never knowingly ship reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates in violation of any federal, state, or local law. Do your research before placing an order, and do not ask us to make an exception.

All Other Items

Non living items are shipped via USPS and you will see your shipping cost in your cart when you check out.  We try our best to offer you the best shipping pricing that we can.  Currently all non-living items ship for a flat rate.

Cancellation Policy

Any order that has shipped CAN NOT be cancelled.  If your order has not shipped please contact us to see if we can cancel your order.  You can also login to your account to see if an order can be cancelled.   Click on ORDERS and if the cancel button appears next to an order you can cancel it.

How We Ship A Kit

When you order a full kit from us (one that includes an animal) we go through the following process:

  1. Package and ship your physical kit (all of the non-living items) first.  We will send out all of the components for your kit immediately so that you can prepare them for your animal.
  2. Package and ship your live animal overnight.  We will send you live animal about 7-10 business days after your physical kit has shipped**.

**You can also select when you’d like your live animal to ship.  On the ‘checkout’ page you can select that date that you’d like your live animal to be delivered.  We tend to deliver on Wednesday-Friday’s only.  When you click on “CHOOSE A DATE” a calendar with potential delivery dates will drop down.  Click on the date that you’d like to have your animal delivered.  Keep in mind that we do not recommend having your animal arrive the same week as your physical kit as most enclosures need 24 hours to be prepared for the animal.

Grant Receipts

Several grants for classroom animals exist that will reimburse teachers for supplies and animals.  However, these grants may not allow reimbursement for shipping and handling charges.  We can send you a grant receipt with any order.  Simply select the GRANT RECEIPT box on the checkout page to have a receipt for all charges other than shipping and handling to be included in your order.  Grant receipts are printed from our main store at You Pet’Cha.